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Summer Recommendations

Hello everyone! Summer is here and it is time to rest and charge your batteries for the next course.

However, learning a foreign language can be sometimes difficult. Here are my recommendations to

help you improve your level:

- Read in English. Reading is good in any language so, why don’t you try an English book, comic,

magazine… Did you know reading is a good exercise for your brain?

- Watch in English. I’m sure many of you spend hours in front of a screen. Let’s start making this

time count! Watch cartoons, films, series in English. You can start with easy preschool series such

as Paw Patrol, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Hey Duggee (my favourite!). Then you can change to

full movies like How to train your Dragon, Abominable or The Lion King. The first time you can watch

them with Spanish subtitles, but try to do it with English subtitles. This way, you will be able to

associate the words with their pronunciation.

- Listen in English. As I always recommend, music is a perfect way to learn a foreign language.

Just make sure you have the lyrics there to follow the song. Here is a song I love by a group from

Mallorca: Stop the Clocks - L.A.

- Questionnaires. You can do them again. Practice makes perfect!

- App Navio. Practice English while you play.

- Summer workbooks. You can find plenty of them in many shops.

Happy holidays!!!

Monday, 1st June, 2020.

Hello everybody!

I can't believe we are already in June! Time flies!

Here is the questionnaire for this two weeks:

As well as the questionnaire, I want you to choose your TOP 10 activities in your diaries and write them down together. For example: I went to the beach last Saturday and we had a chocolate ice cream. On Sunday, I had paella for lunch and I watched the Paw Patrol...

You can do this on your computer and send it to bramis1@educaib.eu
If you can't use a computer, laptop, tablet or phone, please write it on a paper and send a good picture of it.

That's all folks! Take care!

Best regards,

Mr Ramis

Monday, 18th May, 2020.

Good morning!

I hope you and your families are OK.

This time, I made two questionnaires. You can also do them in two weeks.

Please, do questionnaires 1 and 2 in case you didn't do them yet.

Keep it up!

Mr Ramis

Monday, 4th May, 2020.

Hello everyone! How are you doing?

Here is another questionnaire for you to do within two weeks:

Questionnaire 2 (4th-17th May)

Remember: You can't save the questionnaire to continue later, so you need to do it in a moment you have plenty of time. Please follow the instructions: check you type correctly, no double spaces, capital letters at the beginning of a sentence, full stop at the end...

See you soon!


Monday, 20th April, 2020.

Hi there again! I hope you are all still fine!

Here you have your homework for the next two weeks. Please try to do it before 3rd May.

Click on the following link and do the questionnaire. When you finish, you will be able to see your results. You can't save the questionnaire to continue later, so you need to do it in a moment you have plenty of time. Please check you type correctly: no double spaces, capital letters at the beginning of a sentence, full stop at the end...

Questionnaire 1

You can also continue doing your diary. I will ask you to send it in the future.



                                                                                                                      TORNAR A CINQUÈ

Divendres 3 d’abril de 2020

Tres companys de pis han creat una banda durant el confinament. Amb les cançons gravades des del seu terrat han posat el seu talennt al servei de la resta (animar, divertir...). Aquí teniu la TASCA D’ANGLÈS esperam que la disfruteu!

March 30th 2020

Hello everybody! How are you? I hope you and your families are fine and this strange situation finishes soon! Remember to #stayhome
My family and me are good, everyone is healthy. 
I am contacting you to give you some homework for the next two weeks. Sorry!
Read this letter carefully, try to understand it and, in case you need it, use a translator to find the WORDS you don't understand. Do not copy this to google translator and let it do all the job!
(Remember the one I always recommend you www.wordreference.com)

Now, let's explain your homework:
1. Write a description about yourself (60-90 words). Use the structures we studied in all units. For example:
- Unit 0: My name is..., I'm ... years old, I live in..., My birthday is on... My favourite ... is..., etc.
- Unit 1: I always/usually/often/sometimes/never..., etc.
- Unit 2: I'm wearing..., etc.
- Unit 3: I'm taller than..., I've got longer ... than..., etc.
- Unit 4: When I was young, I was ... but now I'm..., I wasn't..., etc.

2. Write a diary. Write about the things you did at home. Write about three activities (minimum) you did during the week and draw one of them. If you want to write or draw more, you can! Use the past simple tense in the sentences. (Remember! There are regular and irregular verbs. Look at Unit 5) For example: I walked my teddy bear in the morning, We made chocolate chip cookies last Monday, Bernat didn't eat potatoes, etc.

Please, send your descriptions to bramis1@educaib.eu when you finish. Do not send me your diaries, we will correct them at school.

Note: I encourage you to use your digital books. For new users or problems logging in, please visit our English blog in Es Canyar website:
There are other useful resources to keep you connected to the subject in the blog.

                                                                                                                                                                                                   TORNAR A CINQUÈ

9 comentaris:

  1. Hola Bernat, Na Lídia ha enviat el formulari de questions dels grups de música. No sap si l'ha enviat bé. M'ho pots confirmar? Gràcies

  2. Hola. Perdona no havia vist aquest missatge. Ho revisaré ara mateix

  3. Hola Bernat, som en Marti De Martis, he fet es cuestionari i m'ha corregit una pregunta malament, jo heu he fet be i me diu que no és correcta.

    1. Hello Martí! Please check double spaces, capital letters, full stops...

  4. Hola Bernat,
    He descarregat l'APP "Navio" i hi ha un exersici avon diu :
    " Write the missing letters to make everiday frases " i la primera paraula es imposible de trobar. Sa de fer servir es llibre ? Quina pagina en tot cas ?
    Gracies per l'ajuda!

  5. Hello Enea!

    I'm sorry to get back to you so late. Please, tell me the unit and the activity so I can help you. Next time, send an email to bramis1@educaib.eu



  6. Bon dia Bernat, som sa mare d´en Pedro.
    Intentam entrar al Navio pero de fa un parell de setmanes que intenta carregar-se i quant esta al 100? ja no fa res pus.
    Saps si a qualcú mes li passa??? o es nomes a nosaltres que no podem veure,l? Gracies, salutacions

    1. Good afternoon!

      He parlat amb el delegat de l'editorial i no té constància de cap altre cas igual. M'ha recomanat que desinstal·leu l'aplicació i la reinstal·leu. Si el problema continués, avisau-me a l'adreça bramis1@educaib.eu





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